FASHIONISTA TOP SELECTION AND VOTING..............and I won........

Hi everyone it´s my second post for today and now I'm here as part of Design Team over at FASHIONISTA MAGNOLIA and More CHALLENGE BLOG; Thanks to all who entered our very FIRST  challenge restructure here at Fashionista....
Voting commence!!!


......and now........ this weekend has been very productive as far as awards are concerned:

 with this card:

WINNER Magnolia Down Under

I made TOP 5 at Tilda´s Town

TOP 3 Scrapbook Stamp Society

TOP 3 613 Avenue

With this recipe box:
TOP 3 at Simply Magnolia

TOP 3 at Totally Tilda

TOP 3 Nordsalten Hobbyklubb

With this phone charger:
I WON My Besties Aussie

All THIS WEEKEND....................WOW I´m dancing in a cloud..............................Thanks for choose all this projects of mine; you made ALL MY WEEK!. 

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  1. dear Elena!! All of these projects are simply stunning and clearly took you a lot of time, thought and effort to create. It's really great that somebody else understands and appreciates that enough. All the winning are so well deserved!
    Sending hugs,
    P.S. - not only your works are beautiful, but also very inspiring :)

  2. TODO,todo lo que ganes está más que merecido Elena.
    No solo tienes buen gusto (que puede ser cuestionable puesto que para gustos los colores,para mi desde luego,tu gusto es exquisito) también trabajas perfecto,el acabado de tus tarjetas es impresionante.
    Espero de verdad seguir leyendo entradas donde se reconoce tu trabajo.Un abrazo fuerte fuerte.xxx

  3. Pat bezala pentzatzen dut....lan zoragarriak egiten dituzu eta opari guztiak merezi dituzu!
    gustokoa dut zure estiloa!
    muxutsu handi bat!

  4. Congratulations on the wins, your projects are really beautiful
    Hugs julie P

  5. Is it any wonder you've won much with these beautifull cards/projects!


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